TheDigitel goes to the beach - the other beach, Myrtle Beach

First came the gnome, then TheDigitel.

Today I'm very excited to tell you that TheDigitel Myrtle Beach has launched!

We set out in 2008 with a goal of a more open, more collaborative, and more truly Web-like news site — and we've long wanted to expand what we've done in Beaufort and Charleston but awaited the right team.

I couldn't be more excited that Paul Reynolds, Andre Pope, and Rocky Dohmen are the Myrtle Beach founders, and they have launched it at Create South.

We chose to launch it there because we feel the mindset of the creative class conference goes hand-in-hand with the core Open Community aspect of TheDigitel, where we give communities a voice in their news environment as well as an opportunity to talk about what they want. That is a core principal of Create and of TheDigitel.

But who wants to blather? Head on over and check out the new digs.

Engage them on Twitter at @TheDigitelMYR and Facebook here.

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