Cadet named governor of SC Student Legislature

Salvador Dali said, “Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.” It is the combination of those qualities that continues to propel Cadet James McManus to positions of leadership. McManus, a junior education major, the regimental public affairs NCO for the South Carolina Corps of Cadets, and a leader or officer in numerous campus organizations is now the new Governor of the South Carolina Student Legislature.

The South Carolina Student Legislature (SCSL) is a student-run mock legislature that was founded to teach its members critical skills that drive them to excellence in business and government. Many past members of the SCSL have gone on to hold important positions in government. Preceding McManus, are eight governors from The Citadel, dating back to 1964. These former governors have gone on to become lawyers, police officers, and business executives.

McManus’ foundation with SCSL began as a freshman when one of his cadet officers suggested he join because of his interest in politics. In his first year, he served as the governor’s chief of staff for communications.  In that first year, he created the club website and learned about the inner workings of the organization. As a sophomore, he moved on to fundraising, and now he takes on the role of governor.

“I've made a lot of friends from all over the state and had a lot of fun learning about the intricacies of the legislative process. We had a great session this fall; Marco Rubio visited and talked with delegates,” said McManus. “State Attorney General Alan Wilson came last year and it was a great privilege to meet him.”

McManus was quick to acknowledge the support of his fellow student legislators when accepting the position.  "I am so grateful and honored to be elected Governor of the South Carolina Student Legislature,” he said. “I can't wait to work with you all in the 2015 term. Into the future we go, where our achievements are only limited by our ambitions."

Joining McManus on the executive committee are the following students:

  • Jonathan Patton (Clemson University) - lieutenant governor
  • Kim Modica (Lander University) - speaker of the house
  • Kristen Ince (Bob Jones University) - president pro tempore
  • Elle Danahey (College of Charleston) - speaker pro tempore
  • Kaitlyn Rogers (Charleston Southern University) - fundraising chair

Megan Campbell is a graduate assistant in the office of communications and marketing at The Citadel. She is currently working toward her master’s degree in secondary education with a concentration in English.