Growing pains stir Carolina Forest residents (update: taking action)

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Update September 14th: The Carolina Forest Civic Association is getting more serious about accomodating the new growth.

Along with resdistricting, the Carolina Forest community has been doing their due dilligence in the feasibility of incorporation. Now they want to get something on the ballot to find out from the community which direction they should consider. Brad Dickerson of The Sun News has more in his write-up. Read it here.

In related news, the Civic Association is trying to plead the case for bike paths along Carolina Forest Boulevard. WMBF has more here.

First Report: In the wake of the 2010 U.S. Census results, the Carolina Forest area is getting some attention at both local and state levels. The two hot topics right now are the proposed Horry County Schools redistricting plan and the proposed addition of a new South Carolina House district that will represent Carolina Forest. 

You won't hear too many complaints about the House seat. It gives Horry County another voting hand in Columbia and someone to represent Carolina Forest as well. WMBF has more information about the new district. See the video package here.

The school rezoning thing is not quite as rosy. To give credit to Horry County Schools, they are simply exploring the options and engaging in a dialog with Carolina Forest parents. But one of those mentioned ideas, using Black Water Middle School to accomodate the growth, has drawn some early ire from parents. The Carolina Forest Civic Association is providing the forum for Horry County Schools to work with residents on a solution.

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