Dealing with dump trucks around Myrtle Beach

Flickr user Loki69

There are numerous large scale construction projects going on along the Grand Strand right now. One side effect is sharing the road with convoys of dump trucks.

Just this weekend a dump truck tipped over on to another car on Highway 544. WPDE has photos and details. 

There are several dump trucks as a part of the 707 overpass and iTAP construction projects. Carolina Forest residents have been dealing with dump truck traffic as the recreation center, Waterbridge community, and Cottonpatch subdivision are built. With Cottonpatch specifically, locals have begun filing complaints about the noise and traffic. The Carolina Forest Chronicle has some details on that story. Read it here.

Are the dump trucks a problem? Do you have a solution or suggestion? Is it just something we have to deal with as a part of a growing area?