Charleston leading the way for expanding IT operations

It is expanding in Charleston USA

The IT sector is booming worldwide. However, some locations seem to be catching the bug much faster and with much more force than others. It is interesting how industries seem to come together and thrive, with talent relocating and innovative concepts and ideas shooting out all at once. Charleston  is one such region in which the information technology space has started to take up a lot of space.

Charleston  is one of the prime spots for information technology in the USA now. It is experienced highest growth in the technology sector compared to any other region for several years. This is in no small part due to the Charleston Digital corridor, where technology companies clumped together and feed off the innovative atmosphere.

Brendan, a technology expert at, Umbrellar Hosting says “just like in Silicon Valley, Charleston  is becoming a hotspot for technology. There are lots of hosting company springing up, as well as the likes of Benefitfocus, CSS, Boomtown, Blackbaud and SPARC. When companies start to thrive they can feed off each other and it’s great to see this region building reputation, and creating jobs”.

Overall the Charleston region is the ninth best performing economy throughout United States. As well as IT, higher education is a major industry in the region. The area is also obviously known for tourism, with luxury hotels, bed and breakfasts, inns and restaurants. The retail sector equally supports the influx of new visitors that come in on a daily basis.

One interesting dynamic in the region is that the IT companies have grown up to support these particular industries very well. There are lots of web development, web hosting and application development companies that focus on the travel and tourism industry, and this goes to show how symbiotic different sectors are within a single economy.

With Charleston being the location of two shipping terminals, and one of the biggest container seaports on these coast of America, it seems apt to say that in the economy of Charleston USA a rising tide raises all ships.