Charleston Real Estate - Selling homes for Top Dollar

Charleston Real Estate - Selling homes for Top Prices

I think it has become common knowledge that the Charleston real estate market is booming. Everywhere you turn, real estate news is positive about the market. Charleston has recently attracted some great new corporations that are adding thousands of jobs to the market. A recent study shows that over one million people will live in the area by 2030. This is making the Charleston area one of the fastest growing areas in the country.

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Compared to the low prices that we have seen in the past, the prices today are moving up and owners that were waiting for the market to rebound are finally happy that they waited. Anyone who owns and is thinking of selling is thinking about how to get more money for their home. When the market is HOT, just about everything sells.

The key to selling homes for Top Dollar is the real estate agent you choose and the marketing strategy that they employ. Any agent will be able to sell your property in today's market. But, will they be able to sell for the maximum amount?

Listing your property is NOT a selling or marketing strategy!
There are three components to selling your property for top dollar.

1) Market Positoning: Many agents have used the 'lowest price' method for getting a property sold. It accomplishes a quick sale yet if you are looking to protect your equity or maximize your return, this is not going to help. Make sure your real estate agent is looking at more than the prices of homes in your community. You need to know the features of the homes in your market that are for sale as well as those that are in neighboring communities. Compare, compare and compare some more. This is the time where you can ask more as long as you emply MORE marketing.

2) Market Exposure: There is more to marketing than the MLS. Getting in the Charleston MLS is essential yet it is the additional marketing that attracts more demand. After you get in the MLS, you want your agent to promote it on social sites, online news sources, craigslist and dozens of other resources. The goal is to drive as much traffic to your listing as possible. The more demand that you create for you property, the higher the price. Marketing is critical!

3) Negotiations: This is where your agent can make or break you. Some agents are out there looking for a commission check and will try to get you to take any offer that is presented. They key to negotations is that the agent and the seller must work as a team. Don't get offended if someone offers a low price...don't accept it either! A good agent will do his/her research before responding to offers. Negotiations will go in your favor when there is an actual strategy for communication. When you answer and offer, make sure you build a case for your answer. Have supporting evidence that justifies what you are asking and discounts what they are offering.

Beware....There is often more money lost in a HOT Market than in a cool market. The majority of the losses are mistakes that could be avoided.

The Charleston real estate market is on the rise. We anticipate good times ahead. When things move fast, it is more important that you be informed and do your due diligence when choosing a price and an agent.

Remember, anyone can list it, anyone can sell it but only a Select Few can List It, Sell It and Get you Top Dollar!

~Greg Harrelson

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