Charleston, SC startup introduces a grocery delivery focused on food, time, and monetary saving

The Berry Dispatch is pleased to announce the launch of its innovative grocery and meal delivery service. This service allows users to order fresh fruits and vegetables online and have them delivered to the customer’s home or office location the next day. In addition to produce, The Berry Dispatch provides locally made meal kits and prepared foods. This website and service also features single-serve options for many of their produce and meal kit offerings, providing grocery options for any size household.

At or users can shop for fresh produce and meals on a simple order screen. During check-out, users select a delivery window of Daytime (9am - 3pm EST) or Evening (4pm - 9pm EST). If the order is submitted by 10pm EST, it is processed and delivered next day, during their selected delivery window, to the customer’s home, office, or hotel in the greater Charleston area.

The team behind The Berry Dispatch thinks that your time and your money are precious and shouldn’t be wasted fighting traffic in a shopping complex, waiting in line at a store, or buying enormous portions so that you can get a deal. They have built this service with the customer in mind, which differentiates them from many of the national grocery delivery services. Rather than charge a monthly subscription fee or a percentage of your entire grocery bill like other companies, The Berry Dispatch charges a nominal fee of $5-$7 for your delivery.

Customers that only need a small amount of food are covered as well. In addition to providing sliced and diced small portions of many of their produce offerings, shoppers can by meal kits and prepared foods in single-serve sizes, and there is only a $15 minimum order for delivery. Not only does this allow singles, seniors, and small families the options they need, but it also allows all consumers the ability to try new items in smaller portions to reduce potential food waste, and minimizes shelf space used for workplace and hotel room deliveries.

Unique to The Berry Dispatch is that we are the grocer. Rather than dealing with a big chain store, customers are purchasing from their local grocer. Harkening back to the days when you got a smile and a Good Morning from your Milkman, The Berry Dispatch is attempting to put the “customer” back in customer service by providing a merchant and delivery specialists that work with the same customers routinely and can provide better goods and experiences for those clients. The website also details any local farms and food providers that have provided goods, so that customers can be knowledgeable about where their food comes from.

The Berry Dispatch is not just a convenience service, but it allows the customers to take back some of the time and choices they have previously given to store and online catalog services. You no longer have to cook the meals dictated to you by meal kit companies; you don’t have to worry about your food sitting outside all day because it was delivered at an inconvenient time; you don’t have to buy massive portions at bulk stores to get a decent prices; you don’t have to buy large bags or immense cartons of food to try a new diet; and you don’t have to waste time and patience navigating through parking lots, crowded store aisles, and check-out lines. There is a better option, and that alternative is The Berry Dispatch.

To learn more, please visit us at