Railroad grant could bring jobs (Update: Grant deadline looms while businesses wait)

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A part of the Carolina Southern railway that runs through Carolina Forest.

Update March 18, 2012: A handful of some of Horry County's largest businesses are making due without railroad service. The federal grant would quite literally get everyone back on track.

International company MetGlas has turned to trucking to fill the void left by the shuttered railway. A part of the grant deal will include a matching funds program from Horry County to be paid back by Carolina Southern Railroad over the next 10 years. The Sun News has more details.


First Report: Conway based Carolina Southern Railroad is working with Horry County to request a $20 millon federal grant to get their rail operations going again.

Carolina Southern is currently not running due to some of the bridges in their rail system. The U.S. Department of Transportation could fund the repair work needed in addition to creating a couple dozen new job opportunities. The Sun News goes into a bit more detail including what local companies are having to work around the problem of not having a functioning rail sytem. Read it here.


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