To film kiteboarding documentary, local turns to Kickstarter

Image by Adam Boozer

Remember last year when we linked up that 8 minute video on kiteboarding in Charleston

That filming was done by Charleston videographer Adam Boozer of Jewell and Ginnie, and now he's got some more partners and is looking to do a full fledged documentary on kiteboarding.

Or, as he puts it, "create a legit documentary on the sport of kiteboarding".

Boozer has teamed up with some bigger names in the kiteboarding world including Aaron Hadlow, Ruben Lenten, Billy Parker, Andre Phillip, REAL Watersports, and Jason Slezak.

But to get the funding for "With A Kite", Boozer needs to amass some $50,000 in funding and has turned to online crowd-source funder Kickstarter to get there — and he'll need to get all $50,000 by May 10 at 12:46 p.m.

As of this writing, with 29 days left, With A Kite has raised $1,030.

Why should you pitch in? Boozer's pitch is below — but if you chip in you'll get anything from a nod of thanks, to a copy of the film, up to an executive producer credit, depending on how much you chip in.

Here's Boozer's case:

To date there haven been numerous, sick, action and lifestyle oriented pieces on the web that showcase brands and riders across the world. But as you heard Sam Branson say in the teaser above " We need an epic, Billabong Odyssey style doc that puts kiteboarding on the map."

We need a film that properly documents the sport in a manner that showcases how advanced it has become, how hard the core crew of riders have worked to get it there and where this crew thinks the sport needs to go next to be accepted by the mainstream.

In order to attack this story in the most focused and effective manner, we are centering our production around the 2012 Triple - S Invitational in Cape Hatteras, NC. We will spend approximately 3 weeks there shooting the entire event and gathering in depth interviews and state of the art visuals of the world's best riders doing what they do best. 

If you haven't watch the promo video, check it out up top, and chip in at Kickstarter

Now, here's a few closing words from Boozer, "We have even been offered a global digital distribution deal, meaning our film will be on iTunes, HULU, Netflix etc. We are beyond excited! But we are just getting started."