Crazy about EVO's pizza? You're not alone, Popular Plates picks it too

Image by Ken Hawkins/TheDigitel The pork trifecta pie at EVO.

Popular Plates, a magazine devoted to one-topic issues like BBQ, comfort food, or, in this case, pizza, has pegged EVO in North Charleston's Park Circle as one of the nation's better.

Listed as number 10, infact.

They say, in part:

While the Palmetto State never has been known as a source of great pizza, Lowcountry cooks are famously talented; and Evo — an acronym for extra virgin oven — is proof that those creative juices combined with the best local products and a wood-fired oven can equal transcendent pizza.

... Cooked briefly in a roaring wood-fired oven, it comes out with a crust that is thin and relatively lightweight, albeit strong enough not to wilt even under seas of melty cheese. Its edge bears the brand of a high-temperature bake in the form of a few char marks on the puffy parts. ... We have enjoyed a special of locally made feta along with fresh okra and a puree of roasted garlic and corn as well as the awesome "pork trifecta" of sausage, pepperoni, and smoked bacon.

For dessert, it is hard not to indulge in a sampler of Sweet Teeth brand chocolates (made by a former employee) that includes a salted caramel heart and a peach cobbler bon bon; but you must also reserve a significant amount of appetite for the amazing blueberry calzone-a plate-size pocket of pizza dough filled with dark chocolate melting around local blueberries and drizzled with South Carolina honey.

Good to see the folks at one of our favorite pizza shops getting some love. Though I'd have to add that one of the better things about EVO is their solid craft beer selection, including some always present Coast varieties.

EVO is at 1075 East Montague.

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