Don't miss out on this week's City of Charleston police blotter

Image by Flickr user heather_mcnabb

It's time again to satisfy that insatiable urge to laugh at others misfortunes with this week's edition of the City of Charleston's police blotter.

A personal favorite from this week's batch goes a little something like this:

Officers asked a man suspected of driving under the influence to perform a sobriety test. "You know I'm going to jail. Why play these games?" he asked. After failing the test, the man began yelling in the police car that he was "not drunk enough to be arrested," and he asked the officer to rate his sobriety on a "drunk spectrum." As officers were completing the paperwork, the man became impatient, saying, "You are taking too long. You must be retarded. I'm drunk and I could finish that paperwork faster than you."

Pretty awesome, huh? There are some others gems this week, so click on over to the Charleston City Paper's 'Blotter: The week in crime."

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