Alleged waterfront beating, robbery case finally heads to trial - or not

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Update February 13: John Lawson Shafer and Penelope Jade Murray, the pair who allegedly fabriated a story about being robbed, beaten and tossed into the Cooper River back in 2010, have once again failed to show up in Charleston municipal court.

The Post and Courier has the story.

Update August 12: And just like that, the on-again off-again case has been delayed, this time until October.

Update August 9: John Lawson Shafer and Penelope Jade Murray, the pair charged with filing a false police report of being attacked and robbed of all of their belongings, including their clothing, at Waterfront Park head to trial this week. 

The Post and Courier has the update; read it here.

Update December 28: The court date has once again been postponed after defendant Penelope Jade Murray requested a trial by jury. The Post and Courier has the update.

Update December 11, more oddities: In a follow up report, The Post and Courier talks more about what little is known and the very peculiar behavior by the city court. Take a read here.

For what should be a rather straightforward case, at the very least it's odd the courts and police are going through this much effort to put on such a production. 

Other reports are out there, but the paper generally seems to be doing the best.

Update December 10, court delay, mystery: The Post and Courier reports that the case has been pushed back and notes, more interestingly, that police are being tight lipped on the case.

Read their report here.

The accusation of filling a false report seems straight forward other than the pair being charged with a lesser offense, odd that everyone's being so mum.

Update December 8, false: Charleston police are saying that last week's report of a college couple being robbed, beaten, and stripped at Waterfront Park was all a lie.

Details on the alleged discovery are still hazy, but Live 5 News is reporting that police have indeed arrested 19-year-old Penelope Jade Murray and issued a warrant for 21-year-old John Lawson Shafer for allegedly filing a false police report.

Update December 4: The Post and Courier has followed up and reports that Charleston police are vowing more patrols while Mayor Joe Riley is saying there's no need to be too concerned.

The paper also has a general follow on the story and roundup on other crime incidents in the park over the years; take a read here.

First reporting: On November 23rd, two college students were robbed, forced to strip naked, then tossed over the pier at Waterfront Park in downtown Charleston.

According to the victims, 20-year-old John Shafer of Trident Technical College and 19-year-old College of Charleston student Penelope Murray, two assailants held them at knifepoint, beat them, then robbed them of all of their personal belongings. After having the couple strip off their clothing, they were tossed over the safety railing into the Cooper River. 

Hop over to The Post and Courier for the details.

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