Charleston police cuff tourist for beer in a bag (update: tourist has final word)

Image by Flickr user Thomas Hawk The type of beer in said bag.

Updates at the bottom.

The Post and Courier has an interesting story about an out-of-towner who got cuffed and taken to jail for drinking a beer in paper bag on Rutledge Avenue -- the debate here seems to be if it was excessive to take him to jail or if just a ticket should have been written.

Take a read over here.

Update June 26: And The Post and Courier is reporting that Mayor Joe Riley agrees.

Update July 9: Mayor Joe Riley has penned a column defending all of the city's actions and policies in the incident; read it over here.

Update August 21: It looks like the arrested tourist, Ted Zellman, might get the final word about the whole incident. He seems to say it wasn't the overall incident that was problem but the details of how it was handled; read his thoughts here.

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