Connection made at strip club leaves woman with dinner bill and no car

Stolen red 2001 Toyota Celica might not be in this good of condition...

 According to a police report, this past Sunday morning a local woman met a man at The Penthouse Club, the woman claims the man was a mutual friend of her brother and saw that he was quite intoxicated.

So being a good person she decided to have the man stay the night at her place. Because of this nice gesture, the next day, the man decided to take the woman to a nice (romantic?) dinner at Damon’s on the Boulevard (beautiful views and ribs, what more could you want?). After the bill was dropped at the table, the man said he left his wallet in the victim's car and went to retrieve it never to returned. 

The woman was left with the bill which totaled $56.83. Not only did the woman have to foot the bill for the "thank you" dinner but also the man allegedly stole her car. 

The vehicle in question is a red 2001 Toyota Celica, so keep an eye out for it...

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