Fabulously cross-dressed bank robber caught (Update: Sentenced)

Update July 20, 2012: The Sun News reports that Derek Brice will be spending five years in jail and four on probation.

Update February 1, 2012: Conway Police chased down Derek Manquel Brice yesterday acting on called in reports and tips. Derek would have possibly escaped– but his long mink coat slowed him down.

202 The manhunt went for three hours on Tuesday before it ended at the Conway Golf and Country Club. Brice was originally arrested on charges of failure to stop while the Myrtle Beach Police Department filed charges against him related to the cross-dressing heist we reported earlier (below). More details are on the WMBF site. There's a another detailed write-up on MyHorryNews.com as well.


First Reporting: Looking fierce for any occasion is a must, just ask Tyra Banks. One Myrtle Beach man allegedly took this advice to heart and decided to 'work it' right into a bank robbery. 


Myrtle Beach Police are on the look out for an African-American, cross-dressing bank robber that got away with an undisclosed amount of money at the Myrtle Beach TD Bank on Thursday, January 26, 2012. 

WPDE has more details and a slide show of the alleged bank robber looking fabulous. 

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