Hired transvestite might not be too trustworthy

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not the actual transvestite in question...

A Carolina Forest man is out one cell phone all thanks to his hiring a transvestite as "a joke."

WMBF News reports that the victim hired a transvestite he found online  to come to his home (we're not sure where one would find a transvestite online, but a clue might be here). Luckily the hiring wasn't for any lewd conduct or anything that might be 'illegal' but just for laughs, you know, how people normally do. 

via WMBF News

The victim said he remembered having a drink with the suspect, and the next thing he knew, he was woken up by his roommate to find that his room had been ransacked, his cell phone was missing and the transvestite was gone

The jokester says he filed the complaint with the police because he needed the report for the insurance claim on his stolen phone -perhaps he should have just let that insurance claim go? 

Head on over to WMBF to read the whole story, including an alluring description of "Madison" the the alleged thieving transvestite. 

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