#MYR criminal apparently inspired by '30 Minutes or Less'

This past Saturday, September 22nd, The Sun News posted a crime report that sounds pretty similar to a 2011 stoner comedy film. 

A Myrtle Beach pizza delivery guy went out on a routine stop and when he got to the address no one was there, on the way back to his car he was held up at gun point. The victim of the robbery said his assailant donned a monkey mask. 

  • Read the Sun News' write-up here.

The pizza delivery guy who gets a prank pizza delivery phone call and then taken hostage by two morons in monkey masks is (basically) the plot to "30 Minutes or Less" the movie stars Jesse Eisenberg, Danny McBride and Aziz Ansari (a South Carolina native) --if you haven't seen the flick, you're not missing much.

How can the cops track this bad guy down? More than likely this alleged monkey-masked thief still gets all his movies from Blockbuster, just find the one guy who recently rented "30 Minutes or Less" and there you go.

Let's just hope no one locally with ill intentions gets wise and watches "Heat" before the next sting of local bank robberies.  

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