Story on the King Street duel doesn't quite add up

Two men were involved in a duel on King Street on September 2, and as most duels go, one man did not survive.

The Post and Courier reported September 23 that Darnell Tyrell White challenged Kevin Lamar Johnson to go get a gun so the two could settle a score with an old fashioned duel. The police report stated Johnson was found dead next to a dumpster and that White was taken into custody.

Today, The Post and Courier ran the story on Johnson's aunt who is seriously questioning the "duel" aspect of the police report. Johnson's aunt, Fouche Sheppard, stated that her nephew was shot multiple times, including the back of the head. In her understanding, her nephew was also riding away on a bicycle at the time shots were fired.

Doesn't sound like much a duel to me either.

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