Upstate woman buys $180 iPad (guess if it's fake)

Image by Spartanburg County Sheriff's Office

If you guessed that, no, the Spartanburg's woman was a genuine save of some $320, then we have an "iPad" we'd like to sell you.

(And a pair of glasses because apparently you didn't look at the photo.)

22-year-old Ashley McDowell was at a McDonald's when two men approached her to sell discount iPads for $300 and McDowell managed to negotiate them down to a meager $180, as that's all the cash she had.

And when they handed over the FedEx box McDowell appears to have not though it was a good idea to open said package. But, alas, when she did she found a "wooden" iPad inside — and not even a particularly well made one at that.

You can check out the police report here and while this may be one of the more odd tales of iPad counterfeits being sold, it certainly isn't the only one

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