Family dog fatally attacks infant in Ridgeville, SC (Update: Father given $50K bond)

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A tragic story coming out of Rideville is making the rounds on the national news circuit. 

At around 11 a.m. on Friday morning, a 2-month-old baby was discovered by his mother after being attacked and fatally wounded by the family's newly adopted retriever mix. What's really tough is reading the statements made by the Dorchester County Coroner regarding the death.

It is also repoted that the child's father was asleep and the mother had just arrived home before placing the call to police. The dog is currently in holding at the Dorchester County Sheriff's Depatment.

For more on the developing case, read this AP article in The Washington Post.


Update May 3: Quintin McGrew, the father of the baby mauled by the family's dog, was issued a $50,000 bond in Dorchester County bond court on Wednesday afternoon.

News 2 Charleston has the update along with raw video from yesterday's proceedings.

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