Local police warn about increase in purse snatchings

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It seems like you should just watch out for vampires on scooters.

According to the Horry County Police blog, there have been an increased amount of purse thefts in the area.

As most of you are aware, there have been three too many purse snatchings in our area recently. In addition to that, there have been reports that purses have been stolen out of shopping carts as well while the victims are grabbing things from the shelves.  In some of these cases, the suspect is taking the entire cart away while your back is turned and stealing the purse when they are out of sight.  

The original post is here. The City of Myrtle Beach Police Department is dealing with purse snatching as well. Tonya Root of The Sun News has a write-up that includes an incident where the victim was hurt from the incident. Read it here.


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