Criticism in Leadership
Criticism in Leadership: You're Doing It Wrong If You're Not Being Criticized

To be an effective leader, one must put themselves out there far enough to be criticized. If you're not far enough out, nobody will criticize you, and nobody will follow you.

I noticed this phenomenon a few years ago. Contrasting two people in the same office: the office manager could do anything they wanted (excellent or useless) and they would receive little criticism over it.

On the other hand, one of the same people in the office happened to be a leader of the organization. Their every move was scrutinized, down to the time of their arrival (even if it was early they were "showing off" that day). Not everyone could see this as objectively as I could back then, but I want to shed some light on the reasons for this today. Criticism in leadership go hand in hand, here's why.

Each of us have the capacity for leadership in our actions. If your actions don't draw criticism in leadership, you are doing something wrong.

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