New to downtown Charleston? Here's where to score foods for home

Image by TheDigitelImage by 20090822-queen.jpg Queen Street Grocery probably isn't the best spot to do your move-in shopping, but if you need something to help make dinner, make sure you consider it. -- That and they do awesome crepes.

When new to a town it's hard to know which grocery stores you should go to, or even where they are.

Get connected to more back-to-college goodness on our College of Charleston guide page.Though the Intertubes have made tose problems not as hard as they once were, The Charleston City Paper has an overview of local grocery stores that is still pretty virtuous (plus they get big kudos for the Hairy Teat thing, which I've never heard before).

Go take a gander.

But one of the great things about downtown Charleston is that it's loaded with some pretty solid corner storers. 

Sure, some are just good for getting you out of a bind, as they're little better than a good gas station store. But then there are some others that are just great: Caviar & Bananas, Ted's Butcher Block, Queen Street Grocery, and Burbage's Self-Serve Grocery.

Granted you'll pay a little more but each of those spots offers up some classic food stubs and some great ready-to-eat items.

And don't forget that downtown has a weekly farmers market, as do many areas of town.