About Charleston's TheDigitel

The Web is a busy place and you’re a busy person, so it can be hard to find great local content. TheDigitel fixes that.

As an unconventional local media portal, we often receive inquires as to just what we -- and our aims -- are. In a nutshell our aim is: To not re-report, but to act as concierge, connecting folks to the best in local coverage.

There's plenty of great local content out on the Web, but it's coming from an ever increasing number of content publishers -- TheDigitel is the only place to get linked to the best Charleston content and events.

Our five points

  • Focus on connecting people to the best, most interesting stories about the region, offer a minimum of context, and excerpt a minimum amount, and do so only when absolutely necessary. We do it to be fair to content creators and fair to readers, who shouldn't have to read something twice.
  • Offer helpful context, analysis, and background as we know it. This is done in large part by avoiding news voice.
  • Offer links to related stories and sources, and offer connections to added resources like maps, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, Wikipedia, and so on.
  • Offer a clean, easy-to-use design that acts as a transparent information access tool.
  • Be an open and transparent community portal with an ecosystem that allows for community members to tell what they know.

Added explanatory for content publishers

By working with TheDigitel, producers can connect readers to their site.

Most content producers cover niche or broad areas, making it impossible to cover a geographic region completely while only promoting their own work. TheDigitel's system allows producers to do what they do best (produce what they're passionate about) and allows us to connect local readers to great content. We aim to be a content reference area -- if you will, a library reference desk connecting people to great works, and not the library itself.

We do not aim to replace newspapers, TV stations, or blogs; we aim to get great content the traffic it deserves.

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