Obesity fighters win grant money for their cause

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A local group called the Eat Smart, Move More Horry County Coalition has been awarded $12,000 in grant funding to help fight obesity in our community. 

Groups in 28 counties were awarded funding from the Community Transformation Grants through the Healthy South Carolina Initiative. The Eat Smart Move More Horry County Coalition coordinates obesity prevention efforts throughout the county and leads the implementation of South Carolina’s Obesity Prevention Plan.  The intent is to promote ongoing collaboration between state agencies, business and industry, healthcare organizations, schools, academia, community organizations, faith communities, individuals and a broad range of other stakeholders.

via The Sun News

“The [Centers for Disease Control] estimates that nearly one out of two Americans will be obese by 2030,” said Beth Barry, chairman of Eat Smart, Move More South Carolina. “The purpose of this funding is to prevent this estimate from becoming a reality in our state.” 

According to FindTheData.org, obesity among Horry County adults is 27.1%. 

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