Confederate flag drama flares in Horry County school

photo by flickr user Lydiat

The debate over whether or not displaying a Confederate flag is a celebration of southern heritage or something more racially disparaging has reared its ugly head again, this time at an Horry County school.

According to this WMBF report, Ashton Jacobs arrived at school, driving a truck that displayed the Confederate flag.  He was asked to remove it immediately, and if he returns to school with it he will be expelled.  His parents feel like his freedom of expression is being violated.  The school maintains that such a display could contribute to a less-than-safe environment, something they're especially sensitive too given acts of violence in years past. 

Horry County School Board Chairman Will Garland says, "We have had incidents in this county recently when the environment became a lot less than safe in a matter of seconds. Anything that could precipitate that we want to avoid." 

We want you to weigh-in.  Is a Confederate flag a symbol of pride or one of a time when racism was openly tolerated?  And do you feel that continuing to display it is worthy of school expulsion?  We want to hear from you and settle this debate once and for all.

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