AAF-Coastal Carolinas Host Marketing in Tough Economic Times with Steve Lance

When The Going Gets Tough, Tough Businesses Get GROWING

Author and creative director Steve Lance takes a realistic look at best practices in a tough economy. Delivering 50 tips in 50 minutes, When The Going Gets Tough, Tough Businesses Get GROWING identifies a wide range of specific ways companies can build their market share in difficult times.

Cutting budgets, trimming fat and bracing for the worst doesn’t mean you have to give up your marketing objectives or competitive edge. Even though your entire category pie may be shrinking, tough brands focus on opportunity in the face of adversity. This talk provides no nonsense, easily applied counsel on what businesses can do to adjust thinking, retrench, regroup and operate better. Keep your eye on the prize to get in position to win bigger when the economy comes roaring back.

128 Steve LanceMultiple Emmy Award-winner Steve Lance was Creative Director of NBC and the entertainment division of Della Femina, Travisano & Partners. He has written some of the most memorable taglines ever developed for television and cable as well as such consumer lines as Othello: A Minute To Learn, A Lifetime To Master. At the request of NBC’s Community Affairs Division he conceived the format for “The More You Know” and wrote the first 17 spots for the campaign. He’s won Telly and Aurora Awards for the rebranding of Accenture and the international marketing campaign for the Government of Hong Kong.

Steve is ghostwriter of the Wall Street Journal bestseller “It’s Your Money” (HarperCollins 2000) for Christos M. Cotsakos, Ph.D., Chairman of E*TRADE Financial and co-author of “The Little Blue Book of Advertising” (Penguin/Portfolio 2006). He works for Habitat For Humanity and serves on the board of directors of ShareTheCaregiving, Inc.

Date: Thursday November 17, 2011 from 11:30 AM to 1:30

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