Horry County Early College High School to new facility (Update: ground breaking)

photo by flickr member Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Update July 26, 2012:  Yesterday, ground was broken on the new facility, which is expected to open to students for the 2013 - 2014 school year.

Of the 75 graduates of the Early College program in 2012, more than 38% completed an Associate's or technical degree at the conclusion of the school year.  Another 13% will complete that degree in summer school.  You can read more about school's success, plans for the future, and additional details about the ground breaking in this Sun News article.

First report: The Horry County Schools Early College High School, currently housed on the campus of Horry-Georgetown Technical College, will get its own building at the cost of $12.5 million.

This school's setting is small and personalized, allowing students to earn two year's worth of college credit while attending high school.  Forty percent complete an associates degree before graduation. 

Early College is designed to

  • encourage student groups who are underrepresented in post-secondary education – students of color, ELL learners, students from low-income families, first generation of family to attend college.
  • serve highly-capable students, who score in the middle quartiles on test performance (PACT/PASS, MAP, EXPLORE)
  • remove the barriers to post-secondary education by providing students with academic preparation to meet college readiness standards, extra help in the form of counseling, academic coaching, mentoring, service learning, summer work experiences, family engagement, and field experiences.

- HCS Early College High School, About Us

The new building will allow the students to complete their high school courses under one roof, together.  You can see the full write-up over at WBMF.  You can read more about the school and their events on their site here.

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