The people have the power

Frugal Dad

It an ever growing arena of "Citizen Journalism" the smart and savvy Frugal Dad has drummed up this ever impressive information graphic showcasing how the iPhone is a changing the way we report news today. 

Titled ‘The People’s Tech Makeover’, the infographic lays out how the smartphone has empowered people by providing them a tool to report news on the ground—or what we at TheDigitel call the ‘open community’. 

iphone journalism


At TheDigitel, we see value in letting our readers be our voice. We encourage you to report, write, photograph and film topics of interest to you and to the #MYR community. Our Open Community empowers each and everyone of us to report and respond in our own way. If this is of interest to you then join our Open Community and read TheDigitel style guide for tips of proper formatting in TheDigitel style. 

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