Big Gigantic & Two Fresh storm Charleston's music scene

Image by Palmetto Shots

The local Charleston music scene was in for a treat this past Saturday night as Two Fresh and Big Gigantic threw-down at Eye Level Warehouse and gave a performance to remember.

Presented by local event promoter This Is Charleston; the atmosphere was much more than a typical concert. With many local businesses involved in the event; Open Dome Productions, Spaced Invaders and Ice Box Bartending Services, This Is Charleston brings newer genres of music to Charleston and creates a more dynamic atmosphere of entertainment. You can’t go wrong with an enormous blow-up Planetarium incorporated with digital video projections and live music from Electric Friends; well done and superb. Local artists, Mined over Matter Jewelry Design combined with musically inspired live painters lined the walls of the warehouse throughout the event and gave event attendees an opportunity to see some rare and unique artists at work.


Inside the warehouse, the DJ Danis took the stage followed by Jables. Setting the tone for the evening and while everyone was still arriving, both artists performed solid sets that segued into the main acts.

Two Fresh, consisting of twin brothers Kendrick and Sherwyn Nicholls and accompanied live by Colby Buckler (drummer), needs no explanation to their recent signing to 1320 Records. Planned as the opening act for Sound Tribe Sector 9 at The Music Farm on March 10th, 2010, Two Fresh’s wide-range of original beat mixes, stage presence and energy fueled the crowd as they played many of their tracks from their most recently released album, The Bakers Dozen.

When speaking with the band after the show; I thought I had only noticed one “stage-monitor" being blown; apparently it was three - these guys brought the noise.

With drummer Colby Buckler accompanying the band as they tour throughout the Southeast, Two Fresh’s sound takes an alternative shape from their recent album. Hearing more defined, accented and critiques of tracks from The Bakers Dozen, Buckler’s recent addition = good things.

Alternating sets with Big Gigantic, Dominic Lalli (Motet saxophonist/producer) and Jeremy Salken (drummer), the evening’s transition from artist to artist went smoothly.

Watching Dominic perform is like watching a line-chef (saute-side) in a slammed packed 5-star restaurant on a Saturday night. Even though he looks overly busy, sweating profusely and gives looks of intensity mixed with passion; the end product is beyond any expectations. One of the most unique acts I’ve seen in a while. - (Imagine someone mixing beats with a Tenor Saxophone around his neck) Wailing soulful, shifting sounds, Big Gigantic give that definition to the “Womp” sound that fans of this music genre seek. Backed by Salken, it was hard to believe that two guys were doing all of this and creating such an epic and original sound.

Closing out the evening with an encore featuring both Big Gigantic and Two Fresh; the overall vibe and feelings from attendees, (those still coherent), was that the music and additional entertainment provided were beyond expectations and brought much more character and dynamic to the evening’s atmosphere.

Late night closer, Bookworm, took the stage and many stayed and continued their evening; I on the other hand, gathered my sore (stomped on) toes, grabbed the shuttle and headed home.