Iron Man 3 to be produced just up the road from Myrtle Beach (Update: 1000 extras needed EVENTUALLY)

Update 11/9/11: Thanks to a tip from and our pal Emerson Brown it looks as if Iron Man 3 is need of some extras, but don't hold your breath.

There looks to be some mix-up as to who is actually doing the background work on the movie. As of this positing there is no official casting company handling the extra work on Iron Man 3. We will keep you posted. Swing over to for the whole scoop.   

First report: Admittedly this story is a couple weeks old and doesn't have much to do with Myrtle Beach. But when Marvel Studios decides to set up a 150,000 square foot shop in Wilmington, it's seems worth mentioning.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the Iron Man film franchise has taken in well over $1 billion at the box office. Marvel Studios says that North Carolina's aggressive film industry incentives were key to the decision making process. The film is slated to release in May 2013 and production begins in early 2012. Wilmington officials are expecting an $80 millon economic boost over the course of the next year including the creation of 550 jobs. Read more about what this means to North Carolina on

This past weekend, an open casting call was held for extras by Premier Casting. Read more from WWAY here.