Matisyahu at HOB this month; New link for tickets

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Update: This is a reminder this show will be this month and you must order your tickets from Live Nation.

As a part of a new album promotional tour, jewish-reggae-rock-rapper Matisyahu will be rolling through the Myrtle Beach area on August 25th. 

The marketing materials for the new album entitled "Spark Seeker" show a clean shaven Matisyahu without his signature Payot and beard. The album releases (I refuse to say "drops") in July. You can grab a single from various sources right now. The details are here.

If the ticket prices, which start at $35 (really it's $45 with fees) for the standing general admission and jump to $80 (actually: 95 smackers) if you want to sit down, don't give you pause then you can purchase them here from Live Nation.