Gettin' dirty down South with the The Holy City Sinners

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by Paul Robinson

With a stage presence that is unrivaled by any blues guitar player in Charleston, Robert Paige could make even your grandmother turn up her hearing aid and dance the jitterbug. Leading into an evening of sophisticated and methodically well-rehearsed blues/funk, the quality of music from this band is hard to come by in the local Charleston scene. Robert Paige and The Holy City Sinners have earned their title throughout Charleston and the South as a must-see show.

Applying the influences of jazz greats such as Miles Davis and John Coltrane, trumpet player Kenny Price and baritone/tenor saxophone player Matt Kearney, drive the brass section of The Sinners, weaving their sound with the hard-driving melody of Robert's Les Paul.

Drummer Josh Kohl wears his passion for music on his sleeve as he blends the "cool" approach of playing drums with developing sass on the cymbal, and bassist Daniel Jones walks his instrument with trained precision, backing up Kohl on drums and create the backbone and foundation that make this band standout in the crowd.

This band brings to the stage something many others do not; musical intelligence, experience and the desire to involve the crowd. Paige laughingly described a recent performance at Home Team BBQ as "A crotch ripping good time," noting that during the show, Paige unexpectedly ripped his pants and ended up wearing a Home Team apron for the rest of the performance. "I'm a showman," said Paige. "I'm here to make sure that when you come to see us play, you hear something you haven't heard before."

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