Kulture Klash is Saturday

Image by Flickr user Getty24Image by 20081115-skateboard.jpg A sneak peak at some of the skatedeck art.

Tomorrow night, November 15, Charleston's third Kulture Klash kicks off. We've already done a standard preview of the event, but we had a few more questions.

While there are four core organizers of the event -- Ambergre Sloan of Charleston's Most Unique, Gustavo Serrano of B'Zar, artist Scott Debus, and Olivia Pool of ART Magazine -- I got in touch with Ambergre and asked her a few questions about the night.

What is KK to you?
Kulture Klash is a collaborative celebration of all different forms of art and culture in Charleston. It's not something that can really be categorized. It's not only paint on canvas; it's dance, music, sculpture, physical creativity and participation. We want to expose young attendees to more traditional/classic minds and turn more conservative art fans on to the progressive and "underground" creative movement.

How big this time around?
We are expecting somewhere between 1,200-1,500. It has proven to be a positive crowd with a diverse hunger for everything we highlight. The energy at the past two KK's has been really exciting.

How's it been doing the event at Noisette?
The Navy Yard at Noisette has been really accommodating and are really proud to host Kulture Klash. It's such a beautiful space, not to mention the ridiculous amount of parking. It's a little more relaxed then trying to attend/produce an event downtown.

And, what are you looking forward to?
I am really looking forward to the aerial acrobats, the glass blowing demonstration and the mobile skate park. I could watch boys skate all day long. THAT is art to me.

Ambergre also asked me to remind folks about the downtown shuttle option. The biodiesel-powered bus will shuttle folks regularly (starting at 9 p.m.) between John Street and the party. $10 each way isn't cheap, but it's nice to not have to find a parking spot or worry about how much you've had to drink.

Tickets are $10. It's recommended to buy them online in advance. The event's at 10 Storehouse Row in the Navy Yard at Noisette.

Oh, they're also looking for a few pairs of hands to help set up. In an e-mailed statement:
We are looking for a few good peeps who want to help us set up for KK3.

On Friday Nov14th and Saturday Nov15th we will need volunteers to help us hang artwork, paint structures, set-up lights...general event stuff. It is lots of fun, you get to see the art before the crowd and if you have interest in event coordination and art, this is the time to get the scoop. We will give you one entry bracelet for every 2 hours you work. You can work 4 hours and get you and a friend in for free. Or if you want to keep all the goods for yourself, then you can help us for 6 hours and your entry AND open bar will be covered.

Just show up at 10 Storehouse Row either Friday from 10am - 9pm
or Saturday from 10am - 7pm and ask for Amber or Scott...
we also need a few worker bees this Wednesday night from 7pm-10pm