#MYRmusic: Ten Toes Up seeking a kickstart for their next album (Update: 10 days left)

Update March 7, 2012: The KickStarter project from local band Ten Toes Up only has ten more days to go. 

Hop on over to thier KickStarter page and pledge to give the guys as much as you can. If the money is raised, only then will you actually pay the amount pledged. Ten Toes Up is also giving away some unique prizes to backers.

Find their KickStarter project here.

First Report The boys from the local band Ten Toes Up need your help. After years of making a name for themselves in the region, they are taking their act to Nashville, TN to record their fourth album. 

During a recent trip to Nashville, the band members made friends with some talented folks in the music industry who want to help them make their next record their best record. From their recent newsletter band members wrote, "We'll be recording in some famous rooms with professionals that have worked with all sorts of stars."

To help fund the Nashville trip and recording session, the band set up a KickStarter campaign to get their fans to donate whatever they can so Ten Toes Up can reach their goal of $20,000 in the next 25 days. The project has been up on KickStarter only a few days and they have already received over $3,000 in pledges. But, what do fans get out of this besides the ability to listen to another great TTU album? "In exchange for donations we're offering all types of rewards from a high five from Adam to a full blown rock show in your back yard (or a tattoo of your name on [band mate] Josh!)."

To help out these local rockers watch their KickStarter video above and then click on over and donate some money to get these guys to Nashville!

Get all three of Ten Toes Up's albums on iTunes: Trip On Troubles,  Bridges & Breakdowns, and Sleeping Lion

Find Ten Toes Up all over the Internet: Website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube -as an added bonus, checkout this video of the guys doing their version of LMAFO's Sexy and I Know it.

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