Presents for Punks: Art for the cheap? For a cause? Yes, please! (updated with photos)

Image by Chrys Rynearson

Update December 22:

Chrys Rynearson was there and has some nice photos to share; see them over here.

First reporting:

Finally! I was able to attend an art event that didn’t center itself on a collection of gaudy, overpriced pieces from the same eight artists.

Presents for Punks, an art and music fundraiser for Toys for Tots created by local artists, Jonathan Stout and SH!T, donated 100% of the $3,575 collected last night (double what they raised last year, mind you), to the long-standing charity.

The main selling point of the whole event had to be the reasonably priced art work that was on sale. With nothing selling for more than $50, the walls were basically stripped by last call. DJ Rocky Horror kept the crowd in motion all night with people literally dancing out of Mellow Mushroom’s doors and into the streets.

My only question of the night would have to be why it’s taken so long for events like this to emerge in Charleston? No offense to larger events, but there is definitely a major demographic that is rarely tapped when it comes to art sales.

Believe it or not, there are a handful of people in Charleston that can’t necessarily afford a $600 piece of art and are forced to admire quality work from afar.

Presents for Punks is a perfect example of the kind of art counter culture that this town needs. And it doesn’t hurt that it went to help a good cause, too.