Closed for Business: Friendly on the eyes, rough on the wallet

Image by Olivia Gossett

Opened for less than a week, Closed for Business is the newest installment among the upper King Street row of bars and restaurants and it already has its own reputation; a place with a great atmosphere, but at a high price.

With greasy burgers at $8 a pop and PBR's at $3.50, this is not the place for anyone who feels like getting a good deal. And if you're going to ask for a beer recommendation, make sure to check the price, as the wait staff has been known to suggest a beer called Kwak for $9.50. While the staff are pleasant and the nicely designed space is a great place to hang out, the prices will surely put a damper on your Closed for Business experience. 


The drink menu is pretty extensive, with 30 draught beers, 50 bottled beers, a fine Scotch selection and premium liquors, but the food menu is limited to a few appetizers and entrees sticking to classic American fare. Some things you can find are beer mussels, a hot dog, hamburger, fried chicken sandwich and some unimpressive, dry french fries.

If you can get past the prices, Closed for Business does succeed in creating ,"A place to drink and call the neighborhood place." General Manager, Wendy Jernigan urges customers to "Leave your blackberry at the door." The owner's wanted to create a 21+ restaurant where people could come to relax and talk about anything but business, hence the name. This place is closed for business, but open for anything else.

They're at 453 King Street in downtown Charleston.