KISS Coffeehouse plans 5 year anniversary party (Update: TV33 Videos)

Photo from TheDigitel Myrtle Beach

Update 8/24: The KISS Cofee House five year anniversary party was a big success and below we have some video proof via TV33 Myrtle Beach's YouTube channel

Also, there is a great couple videos uploaded by YouTube user Rappsnapper:

Update 8/18: After a successful five years as the only Kiss Coffee House in the world, Kiss has decided to branch out to Vegas.

The Las Vegas Sun has a write-up about store number two for Gene and the crew. The second store isn't scheduled to open until next year and they are still looking for the perfect spot for the 20 foot Demon boot, maybe next to the faux-Eiffel Tower? Or the faux-Sphinx

First Report: Time flies when you rock all night and party every day. (Repeat Chorus to fade).

Gene Simmons won't be pouring your mocha, but event organizers have promised a couple celebrities will be around signing autographs. ListenUp Myrtle Beach has the current details over yonder.