A lil' #MYR love in viral video follow-up

The "Sh%t Says" video meme has longevity, apparently.

Almost a year ago, we reported on the trend when a Coastal Carolina student video went viral.

In late October, a video parody of southern women hit YouTube (embedded below) and quickly garnered millions of views. Earlier this month, an "Episode 2" was released and Myrtle Beach gets a little mention in this one. For anyone raised in the South, particularly the Carolinas, it's clear these jokes are from people that know the culture. 

According to a November report from the Charlotte Observer, all four of the cast members have roots to the South and, more specifically, upstate South Carolina. A few of them are also accomplished actresses in both television and movies. You can read more about them here.

While this motley crew of Southern belles are obvious talents, they have social media savvy as well. Their Facebook and Twitter accounts are lively with information. Expect this video to show up in your social media timelines over the next couple of weeks.