MTV's Teen Moms hanging in #MYR (Update: Hitting deer and shoppin' drama)

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Update June 18, 2012: Another Teen Mom, Jenelle Evans was down in #MYR with fellow cast-mates Kailyn Lowry and Leah Messer and apparently hit a deer on Highway 17 at 4 a.m. during her drive home.

Jenelle Tweeted:

Hit a deer at 4am in the morning on the highway coming back from myrtle, now I feel like I'm f***ed.. I have full coverage thank god
— jenelle evans (@PBandJenelley_1) June 16, 2012

But the best little tidbit of info about the fauxlebrities™ stay in Myrtle Beach was a blurb over at involving some not-so-nice local retail workers

The two girls had one problem though, the went shopping at a Victoria’s Secret in South Carolina where the employees were saying a bunch of mean stuff so loudly the girls over heard them and dropped what they had and left. The two were very upset about the employees comments.

And that's the way it was...Pulitzer Prize, here I come

First Report June 15, 2012: Breaking news! through the Twittersphere: MTV 'Teen Moms' Kailyn Lowry and Leah Messer have been living it up the best teen moms can do in Myrtle Beach the past few days.

via TeenMomNews (yes, that's a website)

The young moms cut loose this week as Kail and Leah visited with each other, and the men in their lives.

Kailyn and her boyfriend Javi, and Leah and her new hubby, Jeremy, all got together to hang out and have fun in Myrtle Beach.

Teen Mom News (yup, still a thing) reports that MTV's cameras were not rolling during this delightful little getaway to the area (that would have been some target marketing right there). Regrettably, today is apparently their last day in town per Lowry's Tweets

Here's the Tweet breakdown of Lowry's visit to Myrtle Beach:

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MTV's 'Teen Moms' in Myrtle Beach

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Us with kail! @Kaillowry
@Javim9 @KailLowry Spears
@Javim9 @TM2LeahDawn @KailLowry Spears
Only ones out there! Lowry
Off to Myrtle with @Vkillemm to see @KailLowry @Javim9 @TM2LeahDawn and Jeremy :)jenelle evans
Jet ski dolphin tour was fun! Until Javi crashed into our tour guide. Haha Everyone is fine! #expensivedolphinsKail Lowry
How are the Tango outlets?!Kail Lowry
Oops, I mean Tanger!Kail Lowry
Off to Myrtle with @Vkillemm to see @KailLowry @Javim9 @TM2LeahDawn and Jeremy :)jenelle evans
We're on vacation & this is what I deal with. Hahah He's routing for Miami. -_- #okcbaby Lowry
Beach & pool for the rest of the dayyy. Maybe the outlets later?!Kail Lowry
About to be a beach bum. Haha Lowry
Just saw @KailLowry from Teen Mom at the Tanger Outlet! Barkley
One of the strongest people I know! ������ @tm2leahdawn Lowry
4 shark bites in one day! Damn Myrtle. What's going on mannn?Kail Lowry
Our last day in Myrtle so we're going out with a banggggg! Parasailing & jet skis today! Long drive tomorrow morning!Kail Lowry
About to go parasailingggg! Wheah ah ya Jenaaaalle?! @PBandJenelley_1Kail Lowry
It's a parasailing & jet ski kind of day! Lowry
Crazy how a tv show brought us together! This vacation has been so fun! Thank you for having us! @TM2LeahDawn @Calvert505 @MommaDawnSpearsKail Lowry