Roman Imperial Army Encampment visits South Carolina

Image by Legio VIImage by 20081116romans.jpg

This weekend, the Roman Imperial Army Encampment met-up in South Carolina at Givhans Ferry State Park and showed off their knowledge of history and impressive recreation of the early 1st Century A.D.

They say:
Featuring the soldiers of Imperial Rome, a scatterring of civilians, and period craftsmen, the event promises to be an educational gold mine for the re-enactor and members of the public. Hosted by South Carolina's only group of Roman Soldiers, Legio VI, the event has drawn rave reviews from those who have attended it

The Post and Courier went and checked it out: There's a video and story, but the photo gallery is the best of the bunch.

Bummed out that you didn't make it? Well, they're planning on doing something for Spoleto 2009. And if you're interested to learn more, check out their site and e-mail them at