Paddleboarding: It's like standing on a surfboard

If someone told you standing around on a surf-like board and pretending it's a boat could be fun, you'd probably get crazy looks. Kinda like the looks Pierce Brosnan got from John Stewart when he said liked to stand up and paddle around. But paddleboarding is said to be quite fun.

But Bryce Donovan of The Post and Courier didn't care and had to find out what it was all about:
On the surface it might sound simple, but what separates paddleboarding from other watersports is the specialized board you use. A paddleboard actually allows you to stand up in dead flat water. Unlike surfing, where you need waves to get on your feet, paddleboarding allows you to go in rivers, lakes, heck, even your neighbor's swimming pool if you're so inclined (of course by "inclined," I mean "drunk"). Which is why the three of us started off in the tidal creeks behind Isle of Palms. With perfectly smooth conditions, it was much easier to keep your balance. As a result, I only fell six or seven(teen) times.

There's a couple derivatives of it. One focuses more on paddling with your arms, and the other focuses more on standing up and paddling around. Donnovan talks more about the latter. Here's a video that makes the activity look fun and easy: