Blume: A smashing hit for party people

Image by Matthew BowersImage by 20081020bloom.jpg Head over to Before and After Charleston for more pics from Bloom's third incarnation.

Guests poured into Club Pantheon for the third Blume event, and they were thrilled to hit up the photo booth, check out the displayed art, and observe the screen-printing all while dancing to the sweet tunes of DJs Commander, Pandamonium and Pericles.

Matthew Bowers, one of the organizers of the Blume events, discusses the success of the evening:
Just like our past two events this one was definitely a success. I wasn't quite at crowded as Fixed Up (another event organized by Bowers), but I definitely think that it lived up to expectations. We had probably over 300 people and raised over $1000 pure profit for Redux.

Not only did Redux benefit from Blume on Thursday, October 16, but some local Charleston artists were recruited to lend their art to decorate the walls of this party playhouse. Some of the artists put their pieces up for sale, and excited buyers snatched a number of them.

This party for the people was definitely a success, and if you didn’t get a chance to check it out this time, then look out for Blume's next surprise hopefully hitting Pantheon sometime in the beginning 2009.

Head over to Before and After Charleston for pictures from Bloom's third incarnation.

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