Charleston Stage presents 'Steel Magnolias' in 2010

Image by Charleston Stage

Charleston Stage kicks off the New Year with 'Steel Magnolias' opening January 13th at the College of Charleston Sottile Theatre.

Read on in the press release below:

Six Southern Ladies Go To The Beauty Parlor, Need We Say More?

Still one of the most produced comedies in America, Steel Magnolias continues to have audiences laughing in the aisles year after year. Join M'lynn, Annelle, Ouiser, and Clairee as they once again head down to Truvy's beauty parlor to get spiffed up for Shelby's wedding.

"It has often been analogized that a person's hairdresser is one's own personal psychologist, someone you can share just about any intimate detail about your life with, say whatever you need to get out and leave it right there in the secured privacy of your styling chair," says Director Kyle W. Barnette. "The role of hairstylists is more than just about giving your hair a 'lick and a promise'. It is a fully unique and multi-faceted role -- part friend, part parent, part confessor, part adviser and so much more. Robert Harling uses the familiarity and comfort of a mom and pop beauty shop as a device to reflect the love, anger, frustration, and the friendship ties that bind of six wholly unique and completely real southern women in his modern southern masterpiece Steel Magnolias. These women use Truvy's beauty shop as not only a place to get their hair done, but as a homebase, a place for solace from the outside world. Whenever there is a pressing issue, when comfort and reassurance is needed the ladies head over to the shop, seeking refuge, advice, or just a place to relax and not worry about anything else, whether they actually need their hair done or not."

Join Charleston Stage this January in celebration of the love and friendship of six southern belles of Harling's beloved classic Steel Magnolias.

Tickets range from $15 - $30 and are available online or by calling (843) 577-7183.

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