Cinnebarre to host showing of indy 'Twin Geeks'

Image by Twin GeeksImage by twin_geeks.jpg Michael T. Owens (center) directs the cast of "Twin Geeks."

It didn't win The Post and Courier film contest, but "Twin Geeks: The Zelinkski Brothers Unleashed" is about to get another shot at a Lowcountry audience.

The micro-budget indy has been booked into Mount Pleasant's Cinebarre, which has been making room for special showings of regional independent films this year, on Nov. 12.

The film, written and directed by Michael T. Owens, sounds a like mockumentary:

Jamal and John-David Zelinski swear they're Chinese identical twins even though they're not Asian and look nothing alike. When they give some film students 24-hour access to their lives for a class project, the craziness begins...

The film also has a Facebook page.

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