College radio invades Myrtle Beach digital airwaves

Flickr user Roadsidepictures

Myrtle Beach is many things to many people. However most will agree that there has been a lack music diversification in our airwaves. That's not to dis Top 40, Pop Country, R&B or Beach Music radio stations, it's simply to state that WE WANT MORE!

Thanks to Coastal Carolina University we now have the opportunity to tap into the "college" music genre. WCCU, a CCU student-run radio station, is where students gain real-world experience by making content and programming decisions while pumping our digital airwaves with exploratory sounds. They are looking to fill that void where traditional radio does not. With radio shows such as Electric Relaxation, Now Hear This, Afternoon Meltdown, Unleashed, Funky Monkey Dance Party and many more, you are sure to get an eclectic variety of sound.

Little known to the masses outside of CCU the college based radio station has been around since 2009. You can listen to WCCU here or check them out online at They also have a Facebook page and a Wikipedia entry.

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