SkyWheel final phase of construction starts

Stephen Wingate
The light show will be complete after this last construction project is done.

According to the SkyWheel Myrtle Beach Facebook page, the SkyWheel will get it's centerpiece lighting installed over the course of the next week.

You heard it here release going out tomorrow...crews will begin work on the final phase of construction at the SkyWheel today! Two giant center-piece hubs with densely positioned LED clusters are to be hoisted 100 feet into the air to be set in the middle of both the north and south faces of the SkyWheel. Crews from across the country will be on hand to assist with the heavy lift operation.

This activity is expected to last approximately one week, during which the SkyWheel will be open to the public daily beginning at 1pm and closing at midnight (weather permitting).

This will COMPLETE the elaborate LED light show! Yay!!!

We love us some SkyWheel. So much so that we have a whole topic page about it.




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