Zip-lines planned for Myrtle Beach, Pavilion location (Update: Pavilion site opening Tuesday )

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Update, April 13th, 2012: The Zip Line located at the site of the old Pavilion will be open on Tuesday, April 17th. 

Adrenaline Adventures says the site is fully operational now, but they are just working on some of the cosmetics of the area. The cost of the zip line will be $25 for a ride across the 600 feet between the two towers, or for the $25 you could opt for a 60 foot free fall off of one of the towers. There will be a discount for those who want to do both. 

The Pavilion Zip Line attraction will be open from 10:00 a.m. until. 

Hop on over to WMBF News for all the details, video and for the economic impact on businesses in the are. 

Update, February 8, 2012: Construction of the second new zip-line is expected to start in three weeks near the ocean-front location of Damon's restaurant. 

These new attractions are expected to bring in 60 to 80 new seasonal jobs to the area. WMBF News has a full write-up and video of what is to come at the second Myrtle Beach Adrenaline Adventures locations, including a look at the design of the coming attraction.

And, according to a Tweet by The Sun News there is a third(!) zip-line being talked proposed for the Family Kingdom. The third zip-line proposal was heard today at the Myrtle Beach Downtown Redevelopment Corporation meeting. The Family Kingdom zip-line will, "start in Family Kingdom, cross the swash and go-kart track, then bring riders back to start point. 800 feet round-trip."

The Pavilion location is expected to open on April 1, 2012. 

Update, February 2, 2012: has some more details on the construction of the new zip-line. 

The forth coming zip-line sounds pretty cool and different from the one Myrtle Beach already has at Broadway at the Beach. Hop on over to for the full write-up and watch News 13's video coverage below.


Update, February 1, 2012: Construction has begun on the zip-line that'll be located on the site of the former Pavilion.

The new attraction is set to open in April, hop on over to for a short write-up and snap shot of the start of construction. 

Update, December 31, 2011: WPDE has an update to this story with details including how long the zip-lines will actually be around at the planned locations.

You can read the details on WPDE and watch the video below. They also mention the proposed oceanfront Mexican restaurant that requested boardwalk expansion

First Report: When one thing is popular in the are, there are sure to be copy-cats popping up all around. The newest 'hotness' is zip-line rides. 

The land that once housed the Myrtle Beach Pavilion will finally get something on it besides grass and garbage. After five long years of vacancy the huge piece of land, located between 8th and 9th Avenue North in downtown Myrtle Beach will be home to a zip-line attraction. Inspired by Broadway at the Beach's successful zip-line, the city will be awash with folks flying down a cable from one pillar to the next. 

The Pavilion location is just one of two planned Myrtle Beach proper zip-lines. The other two-tower zip-line will be on the south end of Myrtle Beach near the ocean front location of Damon's. Construction on the new attractions are scheduled to begin after the first of the year. In an interview with The Myrtle Beach Herald, Myrtle Beach Mayor John Rhodes said this is a short term project and any major development on the site may be several years from now. For more on the proposed Pavilion site, zip over to the Myrtle Beach Herald.

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