Receiver Time-Based Media Festival kicks off today

A promo for the festival and tasted of time-based art.

Update March 10: The big day has finally come, the Receiver Time-Based Media Festival is here.

The festival officially starts today, but the events really pick up tomorrow with performances, silent discos, exhibitions, video screenings and more happening throughout the day all over downtown Charleston.

To help you navigate your way through this four day festival, we wanted to connect you with the super handy festival schedule (map included).

First reporting: There's a new art festival coming to Charleston, one that's all about time: Receiver Time-Based Media Festival

It's a festival where the work will change as the viewer perceives it -- an academic description of work often based on video and sound. 

"This is an untapped and certainly unappreciated form of art production," says co-organizer Jarod Charzewski a sculpture professor at the College of Charleston. "This will be a festival where time will be the focus for three days and one night."

And speaking of time, this festival is still relatively far off taking place on March 10th through 13th of 2011, and kicks off at Redux. And they're in need of artists and are accepting submissions through August 16th ($15 application fee.) 

"We are still in the early planning stages of the festival so there are many ideas on how to make it grow like Interns, sponsors," says Charzewski.

The organizers point to pulling from a greater desire in the community for a festival like this. The event's other co-organizer, Liz Vaughn says "I feel like when stuff like this happens it is because there is a energy around it generated by the community."

Vaughn will be familiar to fans of Outer Space, Blume, the Festival Festival, among others as she has helped organize those festivals.

Vaughn continues, "ever since I have been active in organizing art shows and events in Charleston, time based work is always a struggle to include. It is perhaps because of what it requires ie projectors, a stage, ect or that it is still establishing itself as something that can be considered art. This festival is important because its sole purpose is to put this kind of art in the spot light."

"We both crave the unconventional feel that art can have," says Charzewski. "We think Charleston has a thriving art scene and it's part of why Charleston is so unique. The scene is however mostly traditional and conventional forms of art, which leaves out a huge section of the art world that people appreciate and would love to participate with.

"Charleston is just the place to make this happen. It didn't take us long to be talking with Fuzzco who did our website for free and artists and printing company's that want to be involved because they see the potential in the festival. What’s more is that we are working with artists. 

"We are both artists so its fair to say that we don't really fit in anywhere else in society and its great to work with people that speak the same language. I think the festival is by artists for artists. By that I mean any funds we collect beyond our expenses will be distributed as honorariums to the participating artists."

To wich Vaughn adds, "Charleston is one of the most exciting places to be in right now. The art and music scene is bursting at its seams! There is so much happening and it is like Jarod said artists helping artists. This festival to me is just helping it become a bit more well rounded."

If you're interested, stay up with the festival on their website and check out their submission information.