The Project: Benefitting the future of Charleston's Photography

Image by Christina LorImage by Aster-Hall-Sign_Digitel.jpg

With the reality of small business owners struggling in South Carolina, the art director of Aster Hall is stepping in the void to host a fundraiser to help save The Charleston Center for Photography

Ferneau Aster Hall Contemporary Art Space visualizes the potential of The Charleston Center for Photography (CCforP) and the future of Charleston's emerging, non-traditional art scene. 

Sean Ferneau, art director of Aster Hall, responded to Stacy Pearsall's cry for help when the CCforP declared an emergency need for donations and contributions from previous customers and the general public. 

"Stacy provides professional training to photographers throughout the Southeast. She dedicates her life to providing a platform for struggling artists in Charleston," says Ferneau. Without the recent contributions from supporters of CCofP, the landmark educational center would have had to shut it's doors.

"After I reached out to the public, not even an hour passed of the email being sent out when Sean Ferneau bursted through the doors of CCforP and declared a fundraiser would be held at Aster Hall," says Pearsall. "It was an emotional experience for me and for all of us at the CCforP. Knowing we have the support of small local business owners means that we may be able to fight this and keep the doors open to future artists, locally and regionally," explained Pearsall.

The Project kicks off at 6 pm on Friday, November 13th at Aster Hall at 481 Upper King Street in downtown Charleston.

Attendees will be benefitting much more than just the CCforP keeping it's doors open. Donations and contributions will be going to provide educational field trips from local schools to visit the CCforP and giving future artists and photographers time and resources for costly equipment usage. The fundraiser will be featuring art from Ishmael, Desism, Benjamin Hollingsworth, Timothy Pakrono and Alex Leopold. Rachel Gordon's fashion line of One Love will also be featured at the fundraiser.

Please contact Angela Hall or Sean Ferneau at Aster Hall for ticket information. Call 843.789.3580 or visit Tickets are $8 and everyone has a ten-spot. Cocktails are provided by Social Wine Bar, and hors d'oeuvres are provided by Virginia's Restaurant and J. Paulz.